Kings League Unisex Socks

- €-14,99
  • €14,99

Kings League InfoJobs Unisex Sock. Made of cotton with reinforced heel and toe for greater durability. Available in two sizes TP (38-41) TG (42-45) Made in Spain.

They have breathable technology and lightweight materials to allow your foot to be ventilated during physical exercise and even a long day.

Join the Kings League InfoJobs on Sundays, with your complete uniform and add these socks to go from top to bottom like a true King in this revolution established in today's football, in modern football. One more way to understand our beloved sport. The Kings League InfoJobs is the must-see event on Sundays for millions of fans, where the format keeps viewers entertained and involved at all times. For the first time, the audience is part of the game's development. Kings League InfoJobs fans, welcome to your passion.

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